Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New at the Studio: Savage Drop Stand® Easy Set Light Stand

For our second installment of "New at the Studio" we're featuring a new light stand by our sponsor Savage Universal, Savage sent the Drop Stand® Easy Set Light Stands to our studio last week for us to try out. When our contact notified me of the new stand I really did not know what to think, I've heard of quick stands but never heard anything good about them, I also did not think I would ever use one as it seemed the few on the market were on the low quality end with flimsy construction and the only high end ones I found were similar to what was used by a friend of mine who is an electrician, they were expensive and no way to convert in for photographic attachments.

Happy to say the stands Savage sent me fit the bill, a good quality, well built sturdy stand with the feature I never thought I would use. Once I made a quick adjustment to the "collar limiter" I was picking up and dropping the stand with ease all over the studio. the stand is incredibly handy for a number of situations, the main situation being those days I may not have an assistant for the day.
   I never liked asking a client or model if they could "give me a hand" (though most are willing to lend a hand). Some photo shoots call for a change of scene or even just a changing of the light set-up, this proved to be pretty easy task with the Drop Stand even with gear or camera in my other hand. This may not sound like a big deal to some of you but moving a light stand in a locked position makes for a hazardous tripping situation if you don't fold the legs away before moving it.
  I found it worked very well on most hard surfaces in and around the studio, other indoor surfaces such as deep carpeting you may need to place the legs manually after placing it...same with a few outdoor surfaces but the legs dropped into position with no issues, just a minor adjustment after the legs unfold.
Up there with Bowens Gemini monolight (extended to full height)
On to the other features and specs, Savage sent us the 13' stands which are great for studio or you need to get that light way up there, the stand actually expanded a bit higher than 13' but I really don't think I would like to have anything that high unless I really had to, though it was pretty stable that high I would probably station an assistant near it or load some sand bags at the feet for safety. 
How's the weather up there?

 Back at ground level the stand has one of our favorite features the 1/4 20-3/8 reversible spigot stud that can be mounted vertically or horizontally, this comes in handy with a few continuous lights and speed lights that we use in and out of the studio. 

Other Specs:
 These are air-cushioned...so no gear comes crashing down when tension knob is loosened.
All Aluminum construction (4 section) with aluminum collars.
Supports up to 15lbs.
Max height 13' (400cm) (though ours extended close to 14' I refrain from extending to limit on all stands, but that's me being Mr. Safety).
Minimum height 47" (120cm).
Folded 45"

Sizes to be released in stores;
13' (the ones we had the pleasure of using)

 Another nice little feature is the blue leg connector joint...this makes it easy for me to spot my Drop stands across the studio among my other studio stands.
We'll probably post updates along the way but so far these stands are making life around the studio less hectic when we're on the move.
For more info on these stands head over to the Savage site Savage Universal Drop Stand