Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Model Bag Basics

We get quite a few questions on this subject before, during and after sessions...which is fine you should ask as many questions as possible about a shoot if you are not sure on anything.
The subject being "the model bag", the model bag usually contains quite a bit of items a model may need for a shoot including items the make-up artist or stylist may bring to a photo-shoot.

model/make-up artist Tarissa Rinier
It's best to be over prepared than under...even if a shoot is lined up to have a make-up artist and or stylists. We have had occasions surface the day of a shoot where someone could not make the session due to an unforeseen issue or emergency. Sometimes due to constraints it's easier or cost effective to move ahead with a shoot instead of postponing especially if it's for a client or other crew or models have come from a distance. 
Model Kara LaSpada
On a side note a model should learn to do two basic "looks" including "the smokey eye" and "the clean look" There are hundreds of videos online on how to do apply the looks on your own. 

In fact one of the make-up artists we work with has put together instructional videos.

Going back to the model bag here is a general list and I say general list because I don't want you to think you need to go out and buy all the items at once, most models build this bag over time and some even keep this bag ready to go or keep a lot of the items stored in their car if they get a call in.
So again this is a good idea on what you may need at any given time for a photo-shoot.

• Headband, hair ties/bands, bobby pins
• Brushes, combs
• Hair appliances (curling iron, rollers, straighteners)

• Skin cleanser and moisturizer (depending on the MUA you might have to arrive bare-faced or with base, best to inquire)
• Make-up kit
• Cotton balls and cotton swabs
• Mirror
• Body lotion for dry skin
• Clear or nude nail polish, clippers, nail file, polish remover
• Press on nails (French Manicure style)
• Lip balm
• false eyelashes

• Shoes (High heels and flats – black is a must)
• Slippers
• Black, white and flesh toned underwear (thongs recommended for less lines)
• Assortment of bras (black, white, nude, and strapless)
• Plain black and white socks
• Hose/nylons in Nude and black
• Yoga pants or similar for lounging
• Strapless top
• Sunglasses
• Light dressing robe

• Safety pins, small sewing kit, clothes pins, clear nail polish (for runs)
• Scarf or makeup mask to prevent makeup transfer
• Headache & allergy medication, razor, eye drops, feminine products.
• Music you like, books or magazines for downtime
• Bring your portfolio and/or any images of concepts you would like to try for future shoots.
• Bottled water & snacks
• Planner/calendar or notebook with pens 

Model Becca Allison
Here are some helpful tips to get prepared for your session.
1. Get plenty of rest: Have a good night’s sleep the night before the shoot. Avoid partying the night before a photo shoot. Drink lots of water the day before as it can hydrate your skin.
2. Try not to wear tight or restrictive clothes before a shoot. These can cause lines in the skin which can take quite long to disappear.
3. Arrive early to allow time for planning & make-up
4. Do not experiment with new skin treatments the night before the shoot. Any new treatment can cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. Test out the treatments well in advance of the shoot in order to know how your skin will react and how long your skin needs to recover.
5. Practice posing. There is a wealth of information available including hundreds of videos online that demonstrate posing technique (beginner to advanced) the more you memorize as far as posing with or without products the smoother a shoot will become.

If you have any other tips, tricks or even questions let us know, we will try to have more updates on modeling basics.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Coming up on a year...

I wanted to make sure we posted our press release from our sponsorship, pulling it up on the Savage Universal site we realized it's almost a year ago.
 Though it was not our first sponsorship it was a major one as it's by a company that is the world leader in photographic backgrounds and equipment. It's been an honor to be a part of such fantastic company, they have supported us tremendously. Our main company contact Alyssa has been an absolute pleasure to work with.
Here is the official press release  Savage Announces Sponsorship of Lopshire Photography, LLC 
pretty snazzy graphic they made for us huh?

 So if you are poking around on their site you're going to come across quite a few of our photos in the ads as well as the features.
Recently they have been using our photos for the specialty Translum background in ads appearing in Shutterbug magazine and images are being printed on their packaging, I have to say nothing beats that feeling. When I was younger I always thought  the coolest thing was to see my photos in a major publication and Savage is one of the reasons that has happened.

Model Becca Allison

set-up diagram