Thursday, April 30, 2015

The start of something

Starting to get the hang of it (blog writing/posting), hit some bumps so if you see a post one minute and not the next you know we hit a snag.
As mentioned we wanted to start a blog because of the number of followers we are gaining through our new sponsorship as well as the features from quite a few photographic companies.
 By no means am I a word smith so expect some goofs, errors, grammar fails and other blogging fender benders. 

The studio
 As of now there is not that much to report except we are heading into our busy season, commercial clients as well as models start to feel pressured to refresh their images...spring thing I guess.

Feel free to comment or even more importantly throw some tips and tricks our way, this venture is a learning experience for us.
hey, that's me
We will be posting photos (you would think right?), tips, tricks, news and more from us as well as other sources.